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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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Current position: heavy truck t5g10 m3 lightweight mixer [regulation tank]

T50 heavy duty mixer

  •  T50 heavy duty mixer
  •  T50 heavy duty mixer
  •  T50 heavy duty mixer
  •  T50 heavy duty mixer
  •  T50 heavy duty mixer

[configuration description]

Description of chassis configuration Heavy truck HOWO lightweight 1800 + 3025 + 1350mm, chassis configuration: t5g-m white row half cab, 340 HP engine, (engine model: mc07.34-50), hw13710l transmission, 11.00R20 steel tire, st11t rear axle, with ABS, PTO, electric turnover.

Top configuration The head is made of 8mm alloy steel and the tank body is made of H700 4mm alloy steel. (1) the air pressure pump of No.1 diesel engine (No.1) and No.10 (No.1) air pressure reducer with air pressure motor in Germany

[photo display of heavy duty truck mixer]

[advantage description]

Lightweight Mixer It has become an inevitable trend of the development of the times Mixer The station has been replaced or eliminated Mixer The relevant policies of vehicle models will be gradually introduced into light weight Mixer Lightweight mixer, as the name implies, is lightweight design, using aluminum alloy material, reducing the weight of the vehicle, not afraid of overloading, new tank technology, large volume, no leakage.

after-sale service

In order to make you always satisfied with your purchase, ownership and use of the products, Hubei Huayi Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. has a nationwide sales service network to provide you with a full range of services. ?

[warranty commitment]

Customers can enjoy up to half a year or two point five Ten thousand kilometers, free replacement of spare parts within the warranty period. The chassis part is jointly guaranteed by the original factory in the national secondary service station, and the refitted part is guaranteed by our company to be always right for customers, to care about each vehicle as the service tenet, and to make public commitment to the society After receiving the customer's request letter twelve Hourly response, no more than in inland provinces and cities twenty-four Hourly service, no more than forty-eight Hours. Long term supply of original factory accessories, accessories, with preferential market prices to provide accessories.

[contact information of manufacturer 183-7187-8130, manager Wang]

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