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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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Current position: heavy duty truck tx12 lightweight mixer from all angles

Heavy duty truck tx12 lightweight mixer from all angles

Heavy duty truck tx12 lightweight mixer from all angles úČ You are welcome to buy a variety of special vehicles and trucks!

Lightweight mixer in rural construction is also very important, such as the construction of modern new countryside, rural road construction and so on, lightweight mixer plays a very important role, lightweight mixer in the use process can not avoid unexpected problems.


Heavy truck HOWO TX lightweight mixer German man 340 horsepower engine, heavy truck 12 gear transmission, tire 11.00r-20 steel tire, 16 ton Steyr rear axle, with multi-functional steering wheel, quadrangle probe, original air conditioner, with full power take-off. The head is made of 8mm alloy steel and the tank body is made of H700 4mm alloy steel. Italian PMP reducer, German Rexroth oil pump, motor, KaiPeng radiator, with pneumatic water supply device

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The lightweight design of the whole vehicle is based on the first four and the last eight chassis, with light weight, more stable driving, and safer driving with 12 m3 mixing tank. The lightweight 12 m3 mixer can only pull 8 cubic meters of concrete when the overload is strictly checked, and 13 cubic meters of concrete can be pulled if the inspection is not strict, so as to solve the problem of overload control of the mixer truck.



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