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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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The current position of heavy duty truck

Heavy duty truck tx12 lightweight mixer customer trust is the king

Customer trust is the king way for heavy truck tx12 lightweight mixer, China's leading lightweight technology, configuration of domestic first-class heavy truck chassis, perfect power matching, ensure high quality, at the same time, achieve overall energy saving 14%ĄŁ The concrete mixer adopts advanced tank body optimization design and production technology at home and abroad, automatic welding, tooling forming, alloy steel material production, long service life and high rate of return.

Configuration parameters of 12 cubic meters lightweight mixing:

Heavy truck HOWO TX lightweight mixer; German man 340 horsepower engine, heavy truck 12 gear transmission, tire 11.00r-20 steel tire, 16 ton Steyr rear axle, with multi-functional steering wheel, quadrangle probe, original factory air conditioning, with full power take-off. The head is made of 8mm alloy steel and the tank body is made of H700 4mm alloy steel. Italian PMP reducer, German Rexroth oil pump, motor, KaiPeng radiator, with pneumatic water supply device

8-16 cubic meter concrete mixer is the first, second, third and fourth line urban road, the construction of railways, high-speed, bridges, houses, water conservancy projects, large and medium-sized mixing stations and other indispensable means of transportation.
Installment payment, 30% down payment can pick up the car, simple procedures, low interest rate, convenient and fast! Let you make money easily!

183-7187-8130 welcome friends from all over the country to visit our factory and order cars. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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  1. Address: 1 km east of Suizhou railway station
  2. Contact: Manager Wang mobile phone: 18371878130
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