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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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Current position: Dayun 6m3 concrete mixer is light, stable and high strength

Dayun 6m3 concrete mixer is light, stable and high strength

Dayun 6m3 concrete mixer truck is light, stable and high strength, After sales service is an important pillar of our company in pre-sale, sales and after-sales links. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the company's production capacity and the expansion of export trade, the after-sales service system has been comprehensively improved.

In addition to the price and service, the quality of the tank is also an important factor for users to buy cement mixer. "Although there is only one tank, there is a big gap in the quality of cement soil mixer. The gravity center of the tank body is unreasonable and the tank body falls off. The mixing ruler in the tank is also exquisite. Some tanks are spiral three-dimensional mixing ruler, which has a long service life.

Configuration parameters of Dayun 6m3 mixer:

Dayun d912 yuntu luxury body, suspended cab, 3900 wheelbase, Yuchai 160 HP engine, with intercooler supercharging, fast small eight, 5T front axle, 10t front axle, reinforced rear axle, 280mm double deck girder, 10.00R20 steel tire, with full power take-off, ABS, urea tank, central lock remote control key, with a maximum of 7.5 square meters. American Sally oil pump, motor, KaiPeng radiator. The front head is made of 6 mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, and the cylinder body is 5 mm alloy steel wear-resistant material. The material is Q345, with air pressure water supply device.

Huayi Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. should meet the requirements of customers, introduce a new generation of concrete mixer technology, and build the quality of concrete mixer truck in China. Since the establishment of Huayi special automobile factory for 10 years, it has taken the lead in the special purpose vehicle refitting market, which can be called as good quality and low price.

[purchase process]: Telephone negotiation (or on-the-spot investigation) 2. Signing contract 3. Arranging production 4. Delivery acceptance 5. Signing confirmation

[service commitment]
After one year or 30000 kilometers of product sales, free maintenance, more than one year, only charge for accessories.

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