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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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Current position: Zhaotong on-site mixing customers prefer 6-party mixer in Dayun

Zhaotong on-site mixing customers prefer 6-party mixer in Dayun

Zhaotong on-site mixing customers prefer the 6-m3 mixer truck for Dayun transportation, We should adhere to the business philosophy of "quality for survival, reputation for development, science and technology road, and service for brand creation", and constantly improve the quality of our products to meet the market demand for high-quality and low-cost multi-functional vehicles.

After sales improvement: Chassis are produced by well-known manufacturers, there are after-sales service stations in all parts of the country; I use chassis + vehicle after-sales mode, so that you can buy a car easily and use at ease.

Adopt advanced production technology: longitudinal seam welding machine, automatic circumferential seam, whole welding of mixing drum, long axis roller frame, automatic sand blasting equipment, etc. The quality, technical level and appearance of tank products are ensured. And our top adopts the technology of stepless speed change, which is also the technology that the peer does not have.

Configuration parameters of Dayun 6m3 mixer:

Dayun 3700 mm, d912 transport luxury body, suspended cab, 3700 wheelbase, Yuchai 140 HP engine, with intercooler supercharging, fast small eight gear, 10t reinforced rear axle, 250mm double girder, 9.00R20 steel tire, with full power take-off, ABS, urea tank, Sali oil pump, motor and KaiPeng radiator. The front head is made of 6 mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, and the cylinder body is 5 mm alloy steel wear-resistant material. The material is Q345, with air pressure water supply device.

After welding, the tank body adopts shot peening pretreatment process to achieve rust removal and rust prevention. We will be responsible for your mixer truck. Mixer: our mixer truck is used to transport concrete for construction.

Hubei Huayi mixer truck has the characteristics of large loading capacity, low core, good stability, safe and reliable driving, high transportation efficiency, and the process equipment of flow operation ensures the excellent quality of products.

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