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Current position: which is cheap and easy to use

Which is cheap and easy to use

What is the cheap and easy-to-use 4-square concrete mixer? Here I would like to recommend Yuejin series, The optimized mixing drum has reliable structural stiffness, good wear resistance, smooth feeding and discharging, and extremely low residual quantity. It can not only mix concrete, but also agitate and transport ready mixed concrete. There is no segregation phenomenon in discharge, which ensures the quality and performance of concrete.

With the further increase of national overload control, customers in various regions require lighter vehicle weight, the better. Therefore, our factory has developed a lightweight mixer truck. The lightweight and lightweight materials used in the future are the premise of the development of lightweight and lightweight materials !

Detailed configuration parameters of Yuejin 4-square mixer: 3300 wheelbase, Yuchai 130 HP, small eight speed gearbox, 145 rear axle, 8.25-20 tire, front head 6mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, cylinder body 5mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, with pneumatic water supply device. Shijiazhuang Keyi reducer, Changyuan oil pump, Zhenjiang Dali motor, Zhenhua radiator.

Vehicle size: 5800 กม 2250 กม 3200

Equipped with high quality international famous hydraulic transmission system, stable and reliable operation. Reliable performance of the feed and discharge port and discharge groove, and the feed port, discharge tank with unique wear-resistant design, effectively extend its service life.

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