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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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Current position: Dongfeng small three axis 8 square lightweight mixer is selling well

Dongfeng small three axis 8 square lightweight mixer is selling well

Dongfeng small three axle 8-square lightweight mixer is selling well. This is a new type of vehicle, but it is a very mature model. It can load 8 square meters normally according to the license plate in various regions. If the overload phenomenon in your area is serious, the car can also pull 6 cubic meters of concrete at that time.
Lightweight mixer car body light, can improve output power, reduce noise, improve handling, reliability, speed, reduce noise, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, improve safety.

One time stamping beam, high strength, high precision, no deformation, large bearing capacity, strong and durable, especially suitable for harsh Road, heavy load needs, cast a pair of steel ribs and iron
Configuration parameters of Dongfeng 8m3 mixer: New F5 cab, Tianlong remote control central lock, four locks in one, multi-functional steering wheel, sunshade cover, original air conditioner, airbag damping seat, new sports all black interior, Yuchai 6-cylinder 220 HP state-5 engine, fast 10 gear transmission, 280mm double deck straight beam, aluminum alloy fuel tank, air reservoir, double 3.6T reinforced front axle, 13T rear axle, 10.00R20 steel tire (without spare tire), 175 0 + 2600 wheelbase. Shijiazhuang Keyi reducer, Italy intelpap oil pump, motor, KaiPeng radiator. The front head is made of 6 mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, and the cylinder body is 5 mm alloy steel wear-resistant material, with air pressure water supply device.

The design of the instrument panel is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the style is simple and solemn. The size of the sleeper is comfortable in the limited space, which provides comfortable operation and rest place for the drivers and passengers, which fully reflects the people-oriented design concept.
Tank material: Bw300 light-weight alloy steel (special wear-resistant material - increase tank life by more than 3 times)

Factory direct telephone: 183-7187-8130 director Wang

Address: north end of Xuguang Road, high tech Development Zone, Suizhou City, Hubei Province

This is the production base of mixer truck. You can see all kinds of mixing truck in the factory. We are looking forward to your coming.

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