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  • Sales Tel: 18371878130
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Current position: Guangdong user self lift heavy truck TX14 m3 mixer [lightweight series]

Guangdong user self lift heavy truck TX14 m3 mixer [lightweight series]

Guangdong user self lift heavy truck TX14 m3 mixer [lightweight series], The mixer and variable angle flow experiment were adopted, The mixing drum is made of high-strength steel, and the blade is made of hg700 high-strength wear-resistant material and automatic welding.

The mixing drum and double logarithm spiral blade are made of wear-resistant steel plate material, which is designed and manufactured by computer. It can transport time and ensure the mixing and transportation of concrete, and avoid stratification segregation or initial setting during concrete transportation. It has the advantages of reliable rotation, good homogeneity, rapid discharge and low residual rate.

Special instructions for concrete mixer truck: 1. The power take-off device is adopted for domestic concrete mixer truck. The function of the power take-off device is to take out the power of the engine by operating the power take-off switch. The mixing drum is driven hydraulically. The mixing drum is in the forward direction in the feeding and transportation, which is conducive to the feeding and mixing of the concrete. The power connection with the engine is cut off after the end of the work. two The hydraulic pressure converts the engine power taken out by the power take-off into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then the motor outputs mechanical energy (speed and torque) to provide power for the rotation of the mixing drum.

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